Samsung’s Gear Circle, the necklace-style Bluetooth headset


Samsung’s Gear Circle, the necklace-style Bluetooth headset : Samsung has announced a wearable accessory that, at the time, had limited availability. However, today, the company had announced that the Gear cycle will soon be available through T-mobile for purchase.

Main function of this Gear Circle is a Bluetooth headset that vibrates when you get an incoming call or text. Two ends of this device can connect together magnetically when it is not in use, so it resembles a necklace. Gear Circle has the ability to connect with two devices at a time with the uses of Bluetooth 3.0. It also features a 180 mAh battery that charges via micro USB, which Samsung is quoting to get around 9 hours of media playback time.

Gear circle looks to be a premium device.This will come in black and blue variants and will be available in selected T-Mobile stores around the U.S. , while AT&T will receive it towards the end of this month. You can soon buy it on or . It will be available in white only in Best Buy retail stores. Pricing information has yet to be announce, but we will surely update you when we hear anything.

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