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Game Description - Adventures to Go!:

Adventures to Go! is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator.

Natsume’s Adventures to Go is a role-playing game where you never really need to leave town. The quests come to you, ordered up specifically to your parameters at the local adventurers’ outpost, also called Adventures to Go. The game’s laid-back, light-hearted atmosphere is largely enjoyable, but the RPG action itself becomes rote after just a few hours. You have to really like the idea of a customizable JRPG with plenty of special missions and monster grinding to get the most out of Adventures to Go.

You are Finn, a young adventurer seeking to make a living at Adventures to Go. Finn needs the payouts from his adventures to help his family, giving the hero something of an impetus to go out and be all… hero-y. When not out on a quest, you are largely tethered to town. Here, you can flit between home, the Adventures to Go mall, an office where you pick up jobs, a casino to make extra money, and a scholar’s house where you read up on monsters, weapons, crystal shards, and more. Though the real estate seems limited, this town mainly is just a hub for your adventures out into the world.

At first, I really liked the idea of making my own adventurers to order. You head into the Adventures to Go mall and talk to Karla, who will help create the adventure to your liking – usually to help you satisfy the jobs you accepted at the office because that’s where the real money is made. You set the parameters of your adventure based on the customization options you have unlocked, such as what kinds of monsters should appear on your quest. You determine locations by mixing up different landscape ingredients, like plains, forest, and desert to create specific spaces. This system requires a decent amount of guessing, but it’s certainly unique. After setting the right price, the adventure is generated for you and you head off into battle.

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