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Game Description - Brooktown High:

Brooktown High is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator. While large audiences around the world have lapped up some of Japan’s biggest contributions to gaming, namely RPGs, some action titles and whatnot, some “experimental” content has crept its way out of the country and blessed US fans with the likes of Okami, Katamari Damacy and even the Brain Age series. But one genre that has so far stayed steadfastly in Japan is dating simulators.

Konami and Backbone Entertainment hoped to break the genre to US gamers with Brooktown High, a game where your entire goal is to pick up on the opposite sex while maintaining your grades (if you care to). It’s certainly unique on this side of the world, but unfortunately we now have a clue as to why it hasn’t caught on over here before.

Being touted as “your chance to re-live your high school days,” Brooktown High places the gamer in the shoes of either a male or female high school student. This character is customizable, to some extent – hair style and color, eye color, height and weight are editable. Questions at the beginning of the game categorize the player into one of the social cliques.

The player then gets to interact with the 20 other students at Brooktown, who have their own social circles and distinct personalities, in order to become part of the different cliques. There are four different cliques: Nerds, Jocks, Preps, and Rebels.

The main goal is to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, who can be taken on dates to various locations such the movies, the beach, and the mall. Player’s may be asked to perform favors in exchange for characters’ phone numbers.

Various mini-games will be used to reach the goals mentioned above. Each game boosts some percentage of the player’s clique points (for example, smarts points to get into the nerds clique and athletic points to get into the jocks clique).

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