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How To Root LG G3


There is currently lots of root methods for rooting LG G3, Here is one of the simplest method. Today we are using the purpledrake root method for rooting the LG G3. There is only the two ways to utilized PurpleDrake method, you can either grab the scripts on XDA OR also can do it manually. At the time of this post, actually they don’t have script for the Windows. Today in this post im gonna show you how to do it manually using PurpleDrake asset files. Let’s head towards the root method. Steps for rooting device LG G3 : Steps 1: Go...


How To Root HTC One M8


Obiously, the question arises for the HTC One M8 users, that How to root HTC One M8? Here is the some simple steps that would help you to root the latest HTC One M8. Before we get stared, make sure that to make the back up of everything on your phone. We will first unlock the bootloader, which will erase everything on your device on your HTC One M8, so you’ve been warned! Steps for rooting device HTC One M8: Step 1: Go to Settings->Power and make sure “Fast boot” is checked off. Step 2: Now Power off your HTC One M8...


How To Root Galaxy S5 with CF Auto Root and CWM


Here’s how to root your galaxy s5, If you just need to have a rooted galaxy s5, then not too be worried so much, here is the easiest root method for rooting Samsung galaxy s5. Root method is applicable for the following Galaxy S5 models: 1. SM-G900P Sprint Galaxy S5 2. SM-G900T T-Mobile Galaxy S5 3. SM-G900T1 Metro PCS Galaxy S5 4. SM-G900R4 US Cellular Galaxy S5 5. SM-G900F International/European/Asian Galaxy S5 6. SM-G900W8 Canadian Galaxy S5 7. SM-G900H International Exynos 8. SM-G900M Middle East/South America Galaxy S5 Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 using CF Auto Root : Step 1: Firstly Power...


How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Without Tripping Knox Using PingPongroot

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 users already know that, Galaxy S6 has an high unique standard of the security features like as KNOX counter, which confirms you to keep a record of how many times you flashed custom ROMs or also even the modifications on stock firmware. Due to this reason, obviously it will become hard and difficult to root the Galaxy S6 without tripping KNOX counter, and rejecting devices warranty. But now problem would not last longer, using PingPongRoot tool and the help of XDA Developer member it makes possible now to root Samsung Galaxy S6 without tripping KNOX. This technique...