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Samsung has officially released GALAXY A7


  Samsung Company has just officially released the 3rd device in the series of Galaxy A. The GALAXY A7 is released with focusing younger audiences. The structure of Galaxy A7 is listed below: GALAXY A7 has a metal unibody 5 MP wide-angle front camera 6.3 mm thick 5.5-inch 720p display Single- and dual-SIM variants, both featuring LTE connectivity and octa-core processors   Samsung galaxy ‘GALAXY A7’ is a thinnest up-to-date smartphone available in the market till today. It’s a largest device in the Galaxy A series that has been officially launched by Samsung. The device has been offered in both single...


Alcatel Onetouch opens online store in US to sell more devices

Alcatel Onetouch

  Alcatel Onetouch is becoming famous in the European market, but it’s not making good in US since they have only sold their devices through carrier in US till today. Now it’s taking a new step by making it easier for U.S. consumers for getting their hands on its goods with the launch of a new online store, aimed especially at the America. Although different company have sold different devices to the US in the past history, they the company haven’t truly made a big sign and prestige in the related states. Thus, the Alcatel Onetouch has been pretty scarce in...


Samsung’s Gear Circle, the necklace-style Bluetooth headset


Samsung’s Gear Circle, the necklace-style Bluetooth headset : Samsung has announced a wearable accessory that, at the time, had limited availability. However, today, the company had announced that the Gear cycle will soon be available through T-mobile for purchase. Main function of this Gear Circle is a Bluetooth headset that vibrates when you get an incoming call or text. Two ends of this device can connect together magnetically when it is not in use, so it resembles a necklace. Gear Circle has the ability to connect with two devices at a time with the uses of Bluetooth 3.0. It also...