Every Extend Extra (Europe)

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Game Description - Every Extend Extra (Europe):

Every Extend Extra (Europe) is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator. Every Extend is series of puzzle Shoot ’em up video games primarily developed by Q Entertainment. The series began with a 2004 freeware game of the same name (also known as E2) for Windows, which was a personal project by Kanta Matsuhisa under the “Omega” pseudonym. Q Entertainment discovered the game online and approached Matshisa to develop a remix version. The remix version was developed for the PlayStation Portable and was released in 2006, titled Every Extend Extra (or E3). In 2007, Q Entertainment developed and released a sequel on the Xbox 360 titled Every Extend Extra Extreme[c] (or E4), which is also playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

In Every Extend, players control a ship with the only ability to detonate itself. Stages begin with a set time limit and enemies appearing on screen in randomized patterns. When the player detonates their ship and an enemy is caught in its blast radius, the enemy will explode and have its own blast radius that other enemies can get caught in, causing a chain reaction. The goal is to destroy the maximum amount of ships on screen by positioning and detonating at the right moment, setting off a chain reaction of explosions and earning combo bonus. The first enemy in a chain is worth 10 points and each successive blast doubles in value up to a maximum of 2560 points. Blowing oneself up takes away from one’s overall ‘stock’ of lives. Additional lives are gained after a certain number of points have been obtained. The requirement to obtain lives increases after each new life gained.

Green enemies drop point bonus items that begin at 800 points, and if collected continuously without detonating or losing a life, they increase by an additional 800 points. Pink enemies drop quickens which raises the speed of enemies and spawn rate. Mini-bosses drop yellow items that grants 10-second time extensions. If the ship is destroyed without detonating, the player receives a 5-second penalty. Pulse bombs don’t drop items or bonus but instead charge and detonate a wider range than normal once defeated. If the player runs out of lives or time, they lose the game.

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