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Journey of Haha v1.1.5 is a Puzzle Paid android game.

Journey with “Haha” as she ascends a deadly tower in this exciting puzzle game. Face new challenges in each room, including new obstacles, enemies and traps. Don’t rely on your speed or strength to get you through this; only your smarts can help you reach the top.

-Challenging and fun puzzles
-More than 50 mind-bending and treacherous rooms
-Beautiful 2D, top-down graphics
-Puzzles that build on what you’ve learned
-Absolutely no ads, in-app purchases, notifications, or any of that junk.
-Retro-style Gameplay
-Numerous enemies ranging from benign to instantly deadly
-Yes, her name actually is “Haha”!

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Octave v1.1.8.1 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/octave-v1-1-8-1/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/octave-v1-1-8-1/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 14:17:52 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10194 ...

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Octave v1.1.8.1 is a Paid Adventure android game.

Octave is a point ‘n click horror-adventure game with elements of action and quest.

You play the role of a guy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You are dragged into a dark forest, but on the verge of death, you are mysteriously saved from your killer by a someone or something.
As you venture deeper into the woods you find yourself surrounded by atrocity. You realise that salvation can turn out to be a real nightmare. All the way through fear you seek out the mysteries of the dark forest.
The struggle for life has only just begun!

In the game you will see:

– an atmospheric dark forest with creepy shadows and monsters
– an old house full of puzzles and paranormal activities
– the underworld, where you have to run a lot

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Endless Fables (Full) v1.0 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/endless-fables-full-v1-0/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/endless-fables-full-v1-0/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 14:15:03 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10190 ...

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Endless Fables (Full) v1.0 is a Paid Adventure android game.

Delve into the magical world of ancient Greek mythology! Investigate a mysterious cult and prevent the Minotaur from being reborn after more than 2,000 years! Unravel the long forgotten secret of the labyrinth and find out the truth about the descendant of the mythical Ariadne!

Embark on the greatest adventure of your life in a fascinating world of antiquity. Step into the shoes of Pamela Cavendish and visit visually dazzling locations ranging from Paris to the island of Crete, all of which are filled with cleverly hidden objects and challenging minigames!

Use the mythical thread of Ariadne to overcome obstacles and find clues about a mysterious cult that is seeking to resurrect the Minotaur.

Learn the truth about the descendant of Ariadne – the only human capable of stopping the beast from the labyrinth once and for all.

Find out what happened during the mythical encounter between the demigod Theseus and the beast Minotaur thousands of years ago. Then enter the dangerous labyrinth and face your destiny!

Hunt morphing flowers, catch hidden butterflies, and explore an exotic island in a bonus journey to search for mythical creatures like the Pegasus.

• Explore 48 locations ranging from Paris to Crete!
• Use the thread of Ariadne to solve 34 minigames!
• Discover the truth about the mythological Minotaur!
• Enter the labyrinth from the Greek mythology!
• Find the mythical Pegasus in the bonus adventure!
• High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones!

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Hitman Sniper v1.7.88009 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/hitman-sniper-v1-7-88009/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/hitman-sniper-v1-7-88009/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 14:10:46 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10186 ...

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Hitman Sniper v1.7.88009 is a Action Popular Paid android game.

5/5 – “Now that it’s here, I can’t stop playing it, which is remarkable for a title that is much more concerned with showcasing how much you can do within certain constraints instead of reveling in any kind of excess.” – Gamezebo

Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper and discover the most compelling sniper experience on mobile.

Hone your strategic skills and orchestrate the perfect assassination kill shot.

Non-stop action as the zombie hunter in a true test of your skills and speed of execution.

Improve your skills for the perfect assassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges.

Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful guns.

Boost your score and climb up the contract killer ranks to become the world’s finest silent assassin.

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Kathy Rain v1.0.7d http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/kathy-rain-v1-0-7d/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/kathy-rain-v1-0-7d/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 14:06:29 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10182 ...

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Kathy Rain v1.0.7d is a Paid Adventure android game.

Kathy Rain tells the story of a strong-willed journalism major who has to come to terms with her own troubled past as she investigates the mysterious death of her recently deceased grandfather. Armed with her motorcycle, a pack of cigs, and a notepad, Kathy begins to delve into a local mystery surrounding her hometown that will take her on a harrowing journey full of emotional and personal turmoil.

As she follows a trail of clues he left behind, questions emerge… What was Joseph Rain really looking for that night all those years ago? What turned him into a mere shell of a man, confined to a wheelchair? What secret did a suicidal young artist take with her to the grave, and why are so many people in Conwell Springs going mad? The truth is dark and sinister…

● 320×240 (4:3) resolution with crisp pixel art graphics
● 4,000+ lines of dialogue
● Full English voice acting directed by Wadjet Eye Games’ Dave Gilbert
● Original music
● 40+ hand-drawn environments
● Compelling narrative with eerie plot set in the 90’s

Kathy Rain is developed by Clifftop Games and published by Raw Fury. Available in English, German and French.

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Templar Battleforce RPG v2.6.10 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/templar-battleforce-rpg-v2-6-10/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/templar-battleforce-rpg-v2-6-10/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 14:02:33 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10178 ...

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Templar Battleforce RPG v2.6.10 is a Role Playing Popular Paid android game.

Templar Battleforce is an addictive mix of strategic combat and army building with the precision gameplay of RPGs. Piloting the Leviathan battle mechs, your mighty Templars will face hordes of terrifying xenos, rogue human factions, and the ancient Narvidian threat. Slash and blast your way across a deep and deadly sci-fi universe — waging war with cunning Scouts, righteous Soldiers, flamethrowing Hydras, specialized Engineers, deadly Sentry Turrets, and the indomitable Berserks. Create your own custom Battleforce by recruiting an array of Templar specialists — and deploy distinct strategies for your fireteams. Lead your forces in tactical scenarios that challenge both novice and veteran alike. Put your best strategies to the test and see if you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in this futuristic turn-based wargame.

– Command your Templars in turn-based tactical warfare across 55+ unique scenarios
– Immerse yourself in a branching sci-fi storyline with multiple endings
– Tailor your battleforce with exacting precision — and recruit and design every squad member
– Customize the appearance, armor design, talents, and equipment of your veteran Templars
– Face new challenges in every deployment: corridor-to-corridor, open desert warfare, territory control (capturing tactical points), defensive last stands, scorched-earth retreats, infiltration deep behind enemy lines, and complex puzzles
– Lead your squad in battle against mighty bosses
– Deploy specialist Templars and discover unique fireteam combinations with stealth, grenades, defensive overwatch, scorching flamethrowers, hindering attacks, and sentry turrets
– Face 25+ diverse enemy units: the Xeno, the Narvidians, and rogue human factions
– Endless combinations of squads, soldiery, and tactics will keep you coming back for more!
– Replay the campaign with your victorious squad in a New Game+ mode

The Templar Knights are a revered and storied martial order who were the elite forces for the Star Traders during their most challenging conflict: the Galactic War against the Guild.

They are known for their 10-foot tall battle mechs known as Leviathan Battle Suits. Once designed for high-pressure environments and exploring gas giants and deep space, these mechs have now been modified for war.

Templars descend from a Zendu bloodline — a unique heritage that gives them the ability (with proper training and ritual) to pass all of memories from their lives (and any memories passed down by their ancestors) to a newborn child. This memory gift is known as a Templar’s Lineage – and it is what gives Templars their immense advantage in combat, tactics, engineering, and the ability to drive hulking Leviathan Battle Suits. You will take on the role of a Templar Captain who hails from a storied Lineage reaching back 87 Templars — and who pages back through the memories to help cope with the dire situation at hand.

With the Great Exodus coming to an end, the Star Traders founded new colonies on the few remaining habitable worlds. The Templar Knights are called upon once again to defend the Star Traders and their new colonies from an ancient threat.

Trese Brothers Games is a premier indie game developer of desktop and mobile RPG and strategy games. Andrew and Cory Trese founded the company in 2010 with a shared passion for challenging, highly replayable games. Having released more than six games on major game platforms and markets, Trese Brothers Games now has more than 2.5 million customers . . . and counting.

“We make games we love — and we hope you’ll love them, too!”

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Bait! v1.0.5459 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/bait-v1-0-5459/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/bait-v1-0-5459/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 13:59:22 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10174 ...

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Bait! v1.0.5459 is a Casual Paid android game. You have come to Bait! Island to help your boss catch a rare fish, and thereby save the struggling aquarium where you work.

During the game, you will catch a lot of different fish and make friends with the locals. Will you be able to keep your loyalties both to your new friends and to your boss?

Gameplay spans five different lakes, each with a distinct style and its own unique set of fishes. Can you catch them all?

Use the Daydream controller to take control of your fishing rod in this hit VR game!

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Mini Golf Game 3D v1.5 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/mini-golf-game-3d-v1-5/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/mini-golf-game-3d-v1-5/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 13:55:51 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10170 ...

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Mini Golf Game 3D v1.5 is a Sport Paid android game.

Play the best casual sports game with amazing 3D graphics. Test your mini golf skills in Mini Golf Game 3D.

★ FREE VERSION also available ★

Play 45 Pars in 5 Different gorgeous looking courses:
Countryside, Ice Land, Halloween, Deserted Land and Crystal Land.

4 Different Control options, choose what you like. Swap the controls left-right for your convenience.

● 45 Challenging Levels in 5 Courses.
● 3 Game Modes (Championship, Time Race Mode & Timed Mode).
● Play in 5 unique themes.
● Realistic Mini Golf physics.
● Relaxing Soundtracks.
● 4 Different Controls.

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1979 Revolution: Black Friday v1.1.9 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/1979-revolution-black-friday-v1-1-9/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/1979-revolution-black-friday-v1-1-9/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 13:50:12 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10166 ...

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1979 Revolution: Black Friday v1.1.9 is a Paid Adventure android game.

**Winner of Grand Jury Prize at IndieCade ‘16, Official Selection of The PAX 10, Game of the Year Finalist by TIGA, BEST OF E3 Nominee by IGN, People’s Choice Finalist by FoST, Medal Winner at Serious Play Awards.**

“1979 Sets a New Path for Games”—Washington Post
“This Game is Something Momentous in the History of this Medium”—Rami Ismail at IndieCade
“A Great Story with Even Greater Characters”—IGN
“A Gripping Adventure”—WIRED
“Experience the Complex Forces that Drive a Revolution”—VICE NEWS

Based on real stories from Iran between 1978-1981. In this cinematic adventure game you navigate this momentous revolution with only two weapons: your camera and your morality. You play as Reza, a photojournalist, where you get caught up by two opposing sides of the revolution. The fates of those around you hinge on the consequences of your choices.

Unlike anything you’ve played before, 1979 Revolution immerses players into a moving and engaging experience where a documentary and a game come together.

Now available to play in English, Farsi, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

How do you play? What are the features?

CINEMATIC – A rich interactive filmic experience.

MAKE CHOICES – Change the outcome and the fates of others within this branching story.

LEARN – Discover and unlock over eighty unique stories about Iran and the revolution: social customs, political and
historical insights, home movies, graffitis, photos, and more.

TAKE PHOTOS – Compare your photos to actual archival pictures.

EXPLORE – Discover Iran and the world of revolution as never experienced in video games before.

TRUE STORIES – Based on first person testimonies from Iranian freedom fighters, witnesses and imprisoned enemies of the state which helped define the 21st Century.

Android 5.0 “Lollipop”
Open GL ES 3.0 Support
GPU: Mali-T760MP8
CPU: Quad-core
Memory: 3 GB

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The Quest v2.0.5 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/the-quest-v2-0-5/ http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/the-quest-v2-0-5/#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2017 08:59:11 +0000 http://droidtrix.mostop.ru/?p=10161 ...

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The Quest v2.0.5 is a Role Playing Paid android game.

The Quest is a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat.

In the kingdom of Monares trouble is brewing. The governor of Freymore is missing and the island is in tumult. The mages all prophesy a dark shadow looming over the safety of the kingdom. As an Agent of the king, it’s your job to find out what is happening and avert any danger.

Choose from five customizable races and an array of skills, weapons, armor and enchantments, and explore a huge world of four cities and a wilderness of mountains, caves, lakes and forests – full of mystery, magic and intriguing challenges. Meet the many inhabitants, each with its own agenda and attitude towards your character. Some will be helpful, some greedy or lascivious or just plain mean. You will have many choices, including some that may place you against the law, along your way to the dramatic ending of your own choosing.

Key Features:

– Pursue a long and dramatic main story and solve many optional side quests.
– Create a highly customizable character and cast dazzling spells, enchant powerful items, concoct potent potions and persuade people to further your goals.
– Discover an open world with interesting locales, day/night cycle, weather, fascinating people, dangerous creatures, readable books, pick-able locks, repairable items, houses that can be broken into, dungeons, traps and much more.
– Play an absorbing card game with three different decks, accessible at the inns.

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