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You can now request for the app / game you need.

To request leave a comment on this page.

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  1. idraq says:

    Plz add injustice 2 and Doom games

  2. bryan says:

    Can you please also upload fight night round 3?
    Thank you in advance!

  3. BJ says:

    Please add lifeline crisis line

  4. bryan says:

    Please upload fight night.

  5. LinkDarkness says:

    pls upload corpse party games for psp iso

  6. Raza Ali says:

    Upload Harry potter games

  7. Atif says:

    Plz upload call of duty black ops any part

  8. Atif says:

    Plz upload harry potter games

  9. idraq says:

    Hey buddy please add cricket games of PSP. Thanks

  10. dada says:

    socom bravo 3 iso pls

  11. j says:

    hi sir can you put the socom bravo 3 in this website cause im waiting it for years

  12. dev says:

    plzz add parince of parasia two throwns

  13. sumit says:

    wolverine iso psp plz

  14. sumit says:

    prince of parsia warrior within ppssppp iso plz

  15. Jedidiah says:

    Please add Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

  16. rezo says:

    can you post ufc 2010 for ppsspp

  17. fahad says:

    thnx droidtrix for games

  18. Chenio says:

    Please add cricket game

  19. omkar sharma says:

    Hey buddy can you please add NFS shift

  20. jide says:

    pls kindly post splintercell for ppsspp.Thank u

  21. Droid Trix says:

    The game is not available for android in PPSSPP version right now…

  22. Kize says:

    Dissidia final fantasy

  23. John eric says:


  24. venswa says:

    i cant actually downliad the defjam fight for ny in my phone…i’ve tried a dozen of times but it’s still not working…I’m in Kenya..using a Tecno L8 plus android phone..please help

  25. azher says:

    This was amazing i get the full procedure
    Of every game
    And 1 thing i like to much that is ur the download links u r providing was tooooo good……..keep posting games…..

  26. Atta says:

    Nfs most wanted please

  27. Goddesslei says:

    Bloody roar please 🙂

  28. Blitz says:

    You need guilty gear ,blazblue ,god eaters burst, and marvel vs Capcom

  29. nachiapp says:

    latest version of neo monsters 1.3.8

  30. waqas says:

    Plzzzz. add Asphalt game iso for PsP

  31. anshuman says:

    street fighter iso

  32. dudes says:

    kindly include super mario original, my son love it. please

  33. dudes says:

    pls include starship troopers for android

  34. josh says:

    plss add other monsterhunter games pllsss

  35. jayson says:

    plss add other monster hunter.i cant find any other site

  36. josh says:

    please add dynasty warriors 5

  37. josh says:

    please add splinter cell

  38. dudes says:

    please please include starship troppers game

  39. Kursad says:

    Pls add modern combat 4 pls thanks

  40. dudes says:

    pls include frontline commando with unlimited life and money

  41. ? says:

    Can you add the game pokemon ho its on android but not in all the countrys its a very cool game so please add it

  42. dudes says:

    my fav game game

  43. dudes says:

    pls add mechcommander gold for android,,, it was fav game

  44. m says:

    I need paid vpn for android plz

  45. Nicx says:

    Please add wild blood

  46. kize says:

    Prototype psp

  47. Rd Khan says:

    dear can you add Hoid P Hevc Player

  48. hemant says:

    uncharted all versions

  49. Nitin says:

    Pls give me lord of war

  50. kize says:

    Tekken tag tournament pliz…

  51. akari says:

    Please add the dark knight rises android. Can’t find a working file anywhere. Thank u

  52. SIDDHARTH says:

    Hello Admin Please Post My Files apk file please Admin

  53. Vince says:

    I request tekken 7

  54. Justin says:

    Put minecraft story mode

  55. Curt says:

    Please Make A Spiderman 3.

  56. shisuma says:

    add PERSONA 5 pls. thanks!

  57. shisuma says:

    please add PS2 emu

  58. Karam says:

    Please add IMPULSE ICON PACK it’s awesome

  59. YESUS says:

    Hi can you add Devil May Cry 4 and 5, and Soul Eater please, are good games and i cantón find them to download

  60. Shoaib Atif says:

    PlZz bro wwe 2k15 and wwe 2k16 link me android

  61. Haseeb ur rehman says:

    Please add smackdown vs raw 2011

  62. kinlove 117 says:

    tu n’a pas fifa street 2

  63. harma says:

    guy do you have a link for halo 4…? want to play that game

  64. harma says:

    Pls get halo 4 game for ppsspp

  65. paul says:

    Hi iwant to add a game like mine craft storymode.. …………please@((()))


  66. waqas says:

    brother i need tekken 3 how i can downlode

  67. waqas says:

    brother i need tekken 3 how i can doenlode

  68. Mama says:

    I want assasins creed bloodlines

  69. malikawan says:

    i need taken 6

  70. christian says:

    I want tekken 6 or tekken 7 if you have. thanks

  71. Keno R. Ty says:

    Starcraft Broodwar for Winulator please

  72. Nether says:

    Hey could u add Hot trigger and please don’t touch anything thanks

  73. Kashi says:

    i want neo bomberman

  74. jatin says:

    I think most of us would like to play the primitive and the original contra….
    So please will you upload that for ppsspp emulator

  75. elton says:

    pls get call of duty roads to victory

  76. zia says:

    is there prototype game for android if it is then plz plz upload it

  77. Jeet says:

    hey bro..!! love your videos and the way you show us how to downoad the paid large games for free..!! but please its a request get us ” THE CALL OF DUTY : strike team ” i just love this game when i wached the gameplay but i dont wanna give a single penny to playstore :p lol

  78. Please upload wwe 2k15 or 2k14 for ppsspp

  79. SIDDHARTH says:

    Hello Admin Please Upload Ghajini The Game For Android It Was Release On 2008 The Superhit Blockbuster Movie Ghajini 2008 Hindi Movie It Stars are Aamir Khan Asin Jiya Khan & Pradeep Rawat in lead roles

  80. Prakhar says:

    please upload gta5

  81. Rakesh says:

    Hi please available Gangster Rio

  82. Srj says:

    Can you please upload camscanner paid version?

  83. Goldberg says:

    plz upload wwe 2k16 ppsspp or psp2/3/xbox360 ok specially ppsspp

  84. rafael tancico says:

    I request naruto ultimate ninja 3 thank you

  85. rafael tancico says:

    Heow i request one piece pirate warrior thabk you

  86. christian says:

    hello droid trix can u pls upload legend of heroes trail in the sky first and second chapter i really love that gave tnx

  87. Praveen says:

    pliz give the need for speed hot persuit for ppsspp

  88. azeem says:

    I need mod 8 ball pool please upload it please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please please please please please pleaseplease please contact us

  89. Ahsan says:

    Please upload, tekken tag and gta 5 for ppsspp, pleaee Droidtrix

  90. toseef says:

    IGI GAME plz

  91. ErrOoR says:

    Can you upload Assassin’s creed identity pls

  92. Aman says:

    can you upload modern combat 4.

  93. Nether Gaming says:

    Hey me again could you also add Repubilique that would be awesome thanks guys ?????

  94. Nether Gaming says:

    Hey droid trix if possible could you guys add the game “Please dont touch anything” It would be awesome if you could thanks 😀 ??

  95. George says:

    I request for gangster rio city of saints please

  96. Kursad says:

    Pls apk of modern combat 4 zero our (androit)

  97. Ayush Arya says:

    hey droidtrix ,i want total overdose for android. Can u make it available ?

  98. Tudor says:

    Can you upload Spotify pro…? Pllzzz!

  99. Nabeel says:

    Please upload igi 1

  100. prabhu says:

    Pls get ghost rider game for ppsspp

  101. Trent says:

    Plz install ballon air defense 5

  102. mike says:

    Can we have Gods of Rome

  103. daniel ortiz says:

    can u upload smart launcher 3 pro….plz……thanx men

  104. Karthik says:

    I want dragon ball z ISO file.from bandai namco games

  105. SIDDHARTH says:

    Hello Admin or Droid Trix Please upload Need For Speed TM Hot Pursuit 2 For Android . It is a 2002 Electronics Arts Video Game Developed By EA Settles and Published by Electronic Arts You Can find it on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It is a free encylopedia.Just Search on Google Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

  106. yog ace says:

    plzzz upload naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impact

  107. Daniel Ortiz says:

    Can u upload flipa clip unlocked!!!!!!!thanx men!!!!!!……

  108. Daniel Ortiz says:

    My request is can u upload impossible quiz…….thanx men!!!!!

  109. SIDDHARTH says:

    Hello Admin please upload Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for Android Game

  110. amit says:

    Kindly install Tekken 3 & tekken 6 for android

  111. Kashi says:

    why tekken 6 is slow

  112. Kashi says:

    plzzz upload tekken 4 and 7

  113. Daniel Ortiz says:

    My request again, can you upload reckless racing 3 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanx men:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  114. Daniel Ortiz says:

    Droidtrix, my request is can you make a video tutorial “how to download kingdom rush origins”……….. cause I can’t play when I download it….. I download the resources but it can’t play

  115. Thomas Saikhom says:

    Plz upload android app office suite premium..

  116. rachelle says:

    How To Install tekken 6 for ppsspp gold

  117. ANKIT says:


  118. Thomas Saikhom says:

    Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines… i want this game

  119. daniel ortiz says:

    Plz download spotify premium… its an app for music!!!!!… plz spotify, i luv u 🙂

  120. ashish gupta says:

    to download tekken6 game for android

  121. Daniel says:

    Pls download deemo 2.0 full version I really want that game…. its a piano game!!!!!!

  122. denzel says:

    Upload gangster Vegas nodded plz new version

  123. Eashan says:

    please post tekken 3, tekken 4, tekken tag tournament 2

  124. Plea says:

    nba 2k15 or 2k16 please

  125. denzel says:

    Gangster vegas modded

  126. Jitendra says:

    Please add Root nexux 5 details
    or folder..whatever is relevant

  127. nizam says:

    Please give me ghe cso download link please…………

  128. Gaurav says:

    Real steel paid one not the free

  129. Gaurav Verma says:

    one more Rayman jungle run new version

  130. Gaurav Verma says:

    plz upload Leo’s fortune

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