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You can now request for the app / game you need.

To request leave a comment on this page.

Thanks :)

170 Responses

  1. josh says:

    please add dynasty warriors 5

  2. josh says:

    please add splinter cell

  3. dudes says:

    please please include starship troppers game

  4. Kursad says:

    Pls add modern combat 4 pls thanks

  5. dudes says:

    pls include frontline commando with unlimited life and money

  6. ? says:

    Can you add the game pokemon ho its on android but not in all the countrys its a very cool game so please add it

  7. dudes says:

    my fav game game

  8. dudes says:

    pls add mechcommander gold for android,,, it was fav game

  9. m says:

    I need paid vpn for android plz

  10. Nicx says:

    Please add wild blood

  11. kize says:

    Prototype psp

  12. Rd Khan says:

    dear can you add Hoid P Hevc Player

  13. hemant says:

    uncharted all versions

  14. Nitin says:

    Pls give me lord of war

  15. kize says:

    Tekken tag tournament pliz…

  16. akari says:

    Please add the dark knight rises android. Can’t find a working file anywhere. Thank u

  17. SIDDHARTH says:

    Hello Admin Please Post My Files apk file please Admin

  18. Vince says:

    I request tekken 7

  19. Justin says:

    Put minecraft story mode

  20. Curt says:

    Please Make A Spiderman 3.

  21. shisuma says:

    add PERSONA 5 pls. thanks!

  22. shisuma says:

    please add PS2 emu

  23. Karam says:

    Please add IMPULSE ICON PACK it’s awesome

  24. YESUS says:

    Hi can you add Devil May Cry 4 and 5, and Soul Eater please, are good games and i cantón find them to download

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