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You can now request for the app / game you need.

To request leave a comment on this page.

Thanks :)

186 Responses

  1. lovepreet says:

    I have used game god of war ..but it working little slow. …. In my smartphone …. Andriod version 6.0.1 ram 4 gb…then also…. Give me some solution

  2. fahad says:

    thnx droidtrix for games

  3. Droid Trix says:

    The game is not available for android right now…

  4. Droid Trix says:

    The game is not available for android right now…

  5. jide says:

    pls kindly post splintercell for ppsspp.Thank u

  6. Kize says:

    Dissidia final fantasy

  7. John eric says:


  8. venswa says:

    i cant actually downliad the defjam fight for ny in my phone…i’ve tried a dozen of times but it’s still not working…I’m in Kenya..using a Tecno L8 plus android phone..please help

  9. azher says:

    This was amazing i get the full procedure
    Of every game
    And 1 thing i like to much that is ur the download links u r providing was tooooo good……..keep posting games…..

  10. Atta says:

    Nfs most wanted please

  11. Goddesslei says:

    Bloody roar please :)

  12. Blitz says:

    You need guilty gear ,blazblue ,god eaters burst, and marvel vs Capcom

  13. nachiapp says:

    latest version of neo monsters 1.3.8

  14. waqas says:

    Plzzzz. add Asphalt game iso for PsP

  15. anshuman says:

    street fighter iso

  16. dudes says:

    kindly include super mario original, my son love it. please

  17. dudes says:

    pls include starship troopers for android

  18. josh says:

    plss add other monsterhunter games pllsss

  19. jayson says:

    plss add other monster hunter.i cant find any other site

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