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Top 7 Android apps of 2015 March

Top 7 Android apps

Zombie Highway 2 [Price: Free with purchases app] The Zombie Highway was an enormous success when it first came out a couple of years ago. We expect Zombie Highway 2 to continue that proud tradition. The in app purchases are also surprisingly reasonable. It uses many of the same mechanics as the first game but includes improved graphics, sound effects, nitro, new cars, new weapons, new zombies, and many more.  The only downside is the release day bugs so you may need to wait a week or so for everything to get ironed out. You can used this app for...


Top 5 Best Android Launchers Of 2015

5 best android launchers of 2015

Perhaps the strongest feature of Android is its capability to be customized, the name specified to the part of the Android user line that allows users customize is called the launcher. Generally the launcher is considered to be the app drawer and home screens, as we know they come in all sorts of flavors and designs and perform tasks on Android devices. They are also the way; Android users customize their smartphone and tablet experience. There’s insincere stuff, such as changing the screen transitions, fonts, and icons, however the best Android launchers out there allow users to tweak the device’s...


Top 5 Best Android Smartphones- January 2015

Top 5 Android Smartphones

The top 5 android smartphone of January, 2015 is here. The LG G Flex 2 was just presented during CES 2015, as we’re also just a couple of months away from Mobile World Congress, where it’s almost sure that the following smartphones will be substituted by the next lot of flagships. Now what we think and discuss about in this article is, the current top crop of Android smartphones. The listed phones are actually far more better Android smartphones available right now. There are lots of Android smartphones that match different needs and lifestyles, and these are simply the lists of Android phones...