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Alcatel Onetouch opens online store in US to sell more devices

Alcatel Onetouch

  Alcatel Onetouch is becoming famous in the European market, but it’s not making good in US since they have only sold their devices through carrier in US till today. Now it’s taking a new step by making it easier for U.S. consumers for getting their hands on its goods with the launch of a new online store, aimed especially at the America. Although different company have sold different devices to the US in the past history, they the company haven’t truly made a big sign and prestige in the related states. Thus, the Alcatel Onetouch has been pretty scarce in...


How To Keep Notes Online – Google Keep

How To Keep Notes Online Google Keep

How To Keep Notes Online: Google keep is one of the Google apps, that allows you to keep notes online. You can either use it via android phone or via web browser. It offers smile way to keep all of your notes organized, and has extremely usable search and voice recognition capabilities. Google keep allows you to keep notes in different ways. You can save traditional text, checklists and also pictures into notes. You can also record voice or create a voice memo which will be translated to text. Organizing and finding notes are really easy and fast in this...