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Top 7 Android apps of 2015 March

Top 7 Android apps

Zombie Highway 2 [Price: Free with purchases app] The Zombie Highway was an enormous success when it first came out a couple of years ago. We expect Zombie Highway 2 to continue that proud tradition. The in app purchases are also surprisingly reasonable. It uses many of the same mechanics as the first game but includes improved graphics, sound effects, nitro, new cars, new weapons, new zombies, and many more.  The only downside is the release day bugs so you may need to wait a week or so for everything to get ironed out. You can used this app for...


Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Top 5 Samsung Smartphones

In the world of Android smartphones, it is really unfeasible to neglect and ignore the influence of Samsung. As its explosion into Android with the huge blast over it by the launched of the Galaxy S2 widely in the world, Samsung has firmly detained on to the top mark in Android devices sold. Though the playing field has risen off some in latest years, the Korean manufacturer still has one of greatest appearances of smartphones out there today. The Galaxy name gets blowout around to its entire lineup of Android smartphones, but when it actually comes down to it there are fair a...