Goku Makaimura Kai (Japan)

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Game Description - Goku Makaimura Kai (Japan):

Goku Makaimura Kai (Japan) is a popular PlayStation PSP Video Game and now you can play this game on android using PPSSPP android emulator.

The 4th instalment in the G&G series, Goku Makai Mura (literally: Extreme Demon World Village), is the hardest and the best of the bunch so far. In 2006, Capcom released a game that was similar yet different from the previous Makai Mura games. You could gather items, wear armor that could tough out more than one hit, use wands that let you teleport between levels, deaths that let you revive on the spot, and it was filled with secret chests and hidden rings that you had to find to get the real ending. Arcade mode (or Ultimate mode in its English release), put you back in the classic 1 hit boxer time 1 more hit dead situation. Death equalled restarting at the beginning of the level and there were no checkpoints midway, but you still had to do that treasure hunting.

A year later, for some reason, Capcom decided to release Goku Makai Mura Kai (Kai meaning: changed, altered, revised) to reflect what the series had always been until now. Armor is now like in the originals and Goku Makai Mura’s (from now on GMM) Arcade Mode, there is a checkpoint mid-level, and you have to beat the game twice to see the real ending. No more item collecting. The stages remain the same, though they have been redesigned in some aspects with enemy placement and hazards.

The first run through is quite easy. (Note: easy by G&G standards. Otherwise, it’s not easy at all.) New weapons made their way into this instalment (compared to the previous games, not GMM), as well as new suits of armor. Shields are also available. What’s a little bit strange though is that those were all designed for the original GMM, therefore a lot of them have lost their uses in Kai. Shields all get destroyed after one hit, making them all identical, save for the one that lets you fly. There is also a blue armor that lets you fly permanently; making some parts of the game considerably easier if you have it.

There are a ton of secrets in GMM, but most of them are now useless in Kai. Secret passageways will reward you with armor, magic or weapons, but none of it is necessary since most of those can be found randomly throughout the stages. Magic works the same way it did in SG&G. You hold the attack button to charge and release to activate. There is now a magic spell that creates an elemental shield around you, giving you the opportunity to take extra hits. Weapons all seem to serve their purpose and none seemed particularly useless. Classic weapons make a comeback (javelin, daggers, fireballs), while new ones include a whip and a homing device.

While in the previous games the second run-through didn’t bear that much of a difference difficulty wise, the second run-through in Kai is extremely more difficult. Death will show its morbid head a million times more and remind you what Makai Mura has always been about. Enemies will flood the screen and added hazards, like tombstones on fire, will make jumping all the more difficult.

Level design is fantastic with varied locations and vivid colors that make it all look beautiful. Music is fitting, though just like in the previous games, nothing particularly stood out for me. The control scheme also hasn’t changed, so those familiar with G&G will feel right at home.

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